TellMed will help you get your best story out to the people that matter most to your work.  We work with media, advocacy groups and well-known names to make sure your story is heard – and, most importantly, we help you hone your messages so you put your best story forward.  Our team makes sure your strategy is solid and your messages are strong.

Biotech, pharma and patient/medical professional organizations rely on us for:

  • Strategizing and implementing public and media relations activities

  • Develop the core components that lay the groundwork for all communications efforts

  • Determining positioning and developing valuable messaging

  • Boosting awareness of diseases, conditions, products, companies and organizations

  • Building relationships with advocacy and community groups

  • Planning and implementation related to FDA decisions

  • Preparing experts for media interviews

  • Introducing expert sources to media

  • Culling relevant information related to clinical trial data, and medical conferences and publication data releases and sharing with key audiences

  • Conducting outreach to media surrounding financial announcements and milestones

  • Therapeutic areas and categories

    • Autoimmune diseases, including lupus and multiple sclerosis

    • Cardiovascular diseases, including hypercholesterolemia

    • Infertility

    • Hospital administration tools, including use of data analytics

    • Infectious diseases, including sepsis, C. diff, gram-negative infections, TB and Lyme disease

    • Occupational therapy

    • Ophthalmology

    • Oncology, including tumors and blood cancers

    • Orphan disease treatments, including enzyme replacement, protein replacement, complement inhibition

    • Men’s health

    • Mental health, including adult ADHD, bipolar disorder and conditions with childhood-onset

    • Metabolic conditions, including diabetes

    • Respiratory depression

    • Thalassemia

    • Urology, including men’s sexual health and pelvic floor dysfunction in women

    • Women’s health